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Oscar Gearlin, chillin in this b****, got nothing to say, pull a cone watch it rip.
Gonna get higher, timing it is quick from the chronda that i sip. x2

Yeah, im chillin in this bed while i rap, watch the time go, feet back, Peter Direens fat,
Haha just jokin this rap is not open, mcvilly one your name will be spoken, now you gay c***, you say stuff thats not true you faker, now stand there while i lazer your face up to a disgrace aaah! Mince meat of your flesh, this beat i’m so fresh, gearlin c*** thats the name if you don’t know well thats a shame, motherf***er, you know now. BACK DOWN to the king of this rap, im bringing it back with my hands in my lap, got my gun and my chain down dacked, got my shots down packed, now i gotta say mcvilly today, you looked gay with those pink flairs, and six hairs on your head, c*** you should be fed boiling cake and get raped by 6 apes. Ive got more to say, the cops are all gay cause im aaron im filthy adlay, im a tad gay with a haircut for mens cuz, need a but to squueze up, most likely a guys cause thats what surprises me, their ass cheeks in my face so i can’t speak.

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