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So my brother is like addicted to one of my neighbors. My neighbor is married and has 3 little kids. She is nice and everything. Problem?y brother goes up to her house EVERYDAY! Because of him, during one year the kids came up to me and kept saying “why do you hate our house huh?” simply because I rarely go up to their house even to this day and he always goes up there. I don’t need to go up there everyday so I don’t. My brother however started eating at her place instead of here making my mom (even though she won’t admit and tries to hide it) hurt. He doesn’t always eat up there but when he does he comes home saying “wow *** makes the best chicken” or something like that. My mom gets angry because he pretty much said that *** was better than his mom’s cooking.
Also my mom set a time from when he has to be home BY! 10:00 pm. Today he came home at 12 am. When I told him that he was disobeying our mother he just yelled at me and went to bed saying “I’m too tired to deal with this.” and “shut up. Can’t i hang with friends?”
It pisses me off to see my mom hurt and it wasnt right for him to break the rules.
Since he is up there everyday you may wonder why he does. Well he helps clean and is like my neighbors slave. And they talk about the same things over and over again. Oh yea and one time my mom asked me and my brother if we wanted to go to a river to swim. I said yes and he said no. Well 10 minutes later my neighbor called asking him if he wanted to go to a lake with her to swim and he said yes. He would rather go with her than with his mom swimming. Not cool. I’m sick of this s*** and I hate everytime he goes up there. It makes me look like I hate those neighbors and the kids are starting to say that I don’t wanna do anything with them and they like always go to my brother instead of me just because I don’t go up to their house everyday. My brother is 17 but he stil has no excuse for being up there everyday instead of with his own family. I need help.

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