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How do you get over a break up? … By your self?

2 thoughts on “Hard question

  1. marwa says:

    I broke up with a person once actually they broke up with me aand I was sad heart brokken and everything and they said to get over it you should want it for real of coure I didn’t understand what that means so I moved to plan B;REBOUND.
    It works actually.

  2. Satellite says:

    how can you get over it if you’re still thinking about her/him? Do your best to distract yourself from thinking about her/him.

    Do not get drunk, Do not delete that person’s number from your phone or remove him from your friends list on social networking sites.

    Do not use your phone, and do not open your account on social networking sites.

    play offline/online games. COD? MW? Skyrim? DOTA? Emulator?

    -This is just a suggestion. It’s your life, It’s your choice-

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