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Posted by on 2012/07/11 under Uncategorized

Why is it so hard to be happy?? All my life I’ve try to do the right thing, yet I’m not happy:( I try to keep busy but this loneliness is killing me!

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  1. Satellite says:

    I feel the same way, bro/sis.

    My friends think that I am the happiest, but for me it’s a big NO.

    Why does it that no matter how many times I laugh, and smile at them. I don’t seem to feel so happy?

    I always feel so wrong, when I did it right and feel the worst when I did it wrong.

    and I am at the point where I’m be little-ing myself in front of my friends.

    I feel so lonely even though I am in the midst of my friends and family.

    -you are not alone with ‘that’ feeling-

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