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Posted by on 2012/07/11 under Uncategorized

About a month ago my grandma died 🙁
we had her funeral on my birthday…
all i wanted was to try to make the day better for myself and everyone else to…
I brought everyone Cake and Ice Cream and all i wanted was for everyone one to wish me happy birthday and tell me that they love me and maybe sing happy birthday to me
but no one did 🙁 i only got a happy birthday from 2 of my aunts and 2 of my uncles
i understand everyone one was hurt and sad…
i mean i was to
on my special day i had to look at my grandma in a casket about to go into the ground and i didn’t want to
but i herd someone say that they thought i wanted to be center of attenchin and i didn’t all i wanted was to make the day a little better because it was my birthday…
and no one knew that i just lost my best friend and my only girl dog just a week before 🙁
i had it rough and i still do
I haven’t got the chance to see my own boyfriend for two months now 🙁 its taring me apart that all i wanted and all i have wanted since the three loses i just went threw…
ever since the funeral all i have been doing is staying cooped up in my room doing nothing and barley eating i wont talk to anyone or do anything
i brake down all the time because of the pain im still going threw
i just cant take the pain anymore…

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