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So i fell for my guy best friend and my bestfriend told me that he liked me, so i was like maybe i will give this a chance so we have been talking and i slip in the who do you like question and i thought it would be a nobody but he said that he liked this girl who is my friend and now im broken about it!! im so mad at myself because i fall for someone and i always end up getting hurt and it may seem selfish but its not fair!! so im just going to try and stick to celebrities….
rant over.

One thought on “broken

  1. Satellite says:

    I just realized that I’m in love with my friend months ago. and the fact that He’s in love with my cousin, hurts a little bit.

    My other friends and I always do things to make him and my cousin ‘get closer’.

    It’s a sad thing that all of them doesn’t have any Idea about my feelings. 😐

    well, for me I believe that it will get better soon… I will get over it… I’m still too young, I can meet someone who’ll love me and I’ll love in return

    -You are not alone-

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