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This fool…got me to fall in love with him. He’s my mom’s best friend’s son. So I met him when I was 11. But I was into another guy and didn’t pay much attention to him. I remember he gave me a red rose when our families went to the park together. I threw it away. damn. He was only visiting his mom with his 2 sisters. Only for a summer. It was mind-blowing. so little yet this big over-powering feelings for him. Anyways he left and I didn’t get to say bye. A 2 years later he came back. I fell in love with him that year. He was a bad boy, you know? Sex, drugs, and gangs. He was involved with that s*** already. He stayed for almost a year. He had girls but I never saw any of them. He would always flirt but in a teasing way. I rolled my eyes and would smack him. He lost respect for women since his mom “abandoned him”. Yea. I was into another guy in school and we had something going on but lost him to a cousin and he left because he helped shoot a guy up. moving on. He left, no goodbye. I’ve been saving myself for “him”. It’s obvious he didn’t. I cried for his sorry ass. I prayed, hoped, and pleaded for him. I’m DONE. This is my good-bye. If he comes back, I’ll only see him as an old friend like I should. I’m changing my life right now. I was getting into alcohol and almost drugs. Thank god, I didn’t take that blunt. I’m fine but I want something greater. Well, thanks for reading. Kids, don’t fall in love easily and foolishly like me for such a looooong time. Toodles. May god bless you.

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