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Its kind of hard to express myself the way i used to…. like two yrs ago i was always smiling never took anything or guy seriously i was happy and everyone around me was attracted to that personality and then i met him…. things were great and for a long time until we decided to go to the same college and then things started to change. He started hanging with the wrong people and doing god knows what else but all i know is he started lying and flirting and texting other girls i went from being so confident to doubting myself and what i am can offer someone… i lost my self-esteem and my whole personality changed it went from being fun to serious…. i don’t want to be like this anymore but i am still with the guy we break up and get back together and i know it sounds stupid but i fell for him so hard that when i walk away he somehow finds a way back in my life… (just venting so idk how my readers might take it)

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  1. Flame says:

    I once read somewhere, “don’t find someone who changes just your relationship status, but changes you to become a better person”. If you know this guy is changing you for the worse, then the answer is pretty obvious isn’t it? I know it’s easier said than done, but sometimes we just have to make the toughest decisions. And only later in life will we know that these decisions actually helped us get somewhere. So don’t be afraid to let go honey. You don’t know what good can come out of this if you don’t try.

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