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Posted by on 2012/06/27 under Uncategorized

Over the past couple of days, I’ve been thinking about how miserable I’ve thought my life has been, and I have finally found the answer! I’m unconfident with myself. Every time I step out in a public place and I see a guy looking at my sister (who is only ten months older than me)I automatically start comparing myself to her. But this isn’t just with her, it’s with everyone. I hate the way I look and I am so uncomfortable with my body. If you would look at me, you would probably think the opposite but…I’m just so uncomfortable with myself. I can’t stand it! I wish I could be more comfortable and feel good about myself, but I don’t. I’ve been dealing with this issue for a while now and I haven’t told a soul, until now.
My mom and sister are always telling me how I need to stop being so grumpy and negative all the time, but how can I when I don’t like myself! I mostly get mad at my sister and my mom gets mad at me for it all the time, but its not because I don’t like my sister. It’s because I’m jealous of her. She’s gorgeous, funny, popular, outgoing… everything I’m not! I just want to like being me, because when I don’t like being me, I don’t like my life…

2 thoughts on “Need Some More Confidence…

  1. Anonymous says:

    how you look and feel about your body is not important, this is just external stuff. Look inside, do you see beauty, are you a good person, are you a good friend. Do you want to do good in the world. Do you really think if a guy told you that you are very beautiful, the world will be a better place.
    Here let me tell you. You are gorgeous, you are amazingly beautiful, exquisite. Now do you feel good. You feel good, when you feel you are beautiful, ‘cos you helped someone you did something great for yourself, or someone else. Pursue some activites, concentrate on studies.
    Life will be good.

  2. -A says:

    Hahaha! Thanks! I feel much better already!

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