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yehh i dont know what going on right now spelling mistakes i couldnt give i f*** i just need to write i want the pirfect amaginary relationship i want a boy who wants to allways stay with me and he has diff friends to me and they all love me they all get all excited to see me and i get big hugs annal but no i want hm to be my age but at the same time i want to be his ages which is older i want to be able to be childish around hin=m i want promises to be kept and i was him just to be mine i can go out with huim to pubs clubs and everything i just want that fairy tail…unfortinatly im not 19 i can go to pubs and clubs no promisises are kep he dosnt always stay with me he isnt just mine all his friends dont love me and there ment to be mine too and i dont have that amaginary relationship but i do love my boyfriend he is so nice and he is actually thaat guy that everyone wants too get with he is like the best lookin and the nicest guy and every time i look at him and think im just like im actually with you…your that guy and im mad about yu for i dont knw how long but i cheated and i hjkdsddddddddddddddgfbbbbbbbbbv cfnsbgjb/js\dvbsdv sgfawzzzzzzzzcm just soooo angry i hate the girl i am and that guy unghhhhhhh to ugly he stinkk and i just hate his rottin face but i love you i really do.

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