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Posted by on 2012/06/22 under Uncategorized

I am not sure if anyone will understand me or if anyone else is going through the same thing as me. So I decided to let out what’s on my mind. I’ve moved a lot of times mostly transferring to different schools. I’ve realized that some people don’t welcome new kids and it’s hard to make friends. Although my confidence on making new friends and socializing have pretty much gone away every time I’ve moved to a different school. So I fear of rejection and I’m a shy person too. I also have another thing to talk about. I’ve been having problems with my anger lately at practice. Today I got annoyed and yelled at two of my closest teammates and It kinda pushed them away for the rest of practice. I truly regret it because I’ve made a terrible mistake and I’m not the best at saying sorry…i could tell that one of the girls i yelled at was mad at me and invited another teammate to go somewhere with her right INFRONT of me. I guess I’m afraid of admitting I was mean and stuff like that. I also get frustrated a lot and sometimes get annoyed and aggressive when that happens. Then people don’t want to be around me as much…I feel like I’ve gone too far with my anger and aggression. I REALLY think I need help with my anger. Sometimes I feel unwanted and that I should just go away. I feel like no one would care if I left for a few weeks and didn’t answer my phone. I don’t know if ANYONE can relate to this. But if you do that would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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