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Posted by on 2012/06/20 under Uncategorized

i just caused a car accident and i feel like complete s***…im sixteen and ive had my license for six months and for the most part i am an average driver but my parents just got me a car two weeks ago…i was so happy i cleaned it i drove it smooth i was in love with it…i was driving to my friends house with the top down and there was traffic…the light turned green and i drove but as i went i looked down briefly to change the radio station…i dont remember the rest but apparently a man a couple cars ahead slammed on his brakes causing everyone behind him too…i was being a dumbass and hit the car in front of me causing his to swerve to the left and then continued to hit a pick up truck which to be honest, nearly rolled over my completely…no one was hurt but i started having a panic attack as i was so scared i had injured an innocent person due to my stupid careless actions..i felt humiliated but i kept crying for so long and even as i got home…i cant believe i did that…i smashed the car and caused an inconvenience to everyone there IM SO SORRY- i dont think i can ever get over this i really feel suicidal right now…i could have killed someone…how could i be so naive… im sooo sorry- will i ever get over this?

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