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i dont know where my life is heading… this time next month i will get my results and be being starting college… if i get in. What if i dont though? how much of a dissapointment will i be to my family and to myself… I dont want to go to college because there is nothing i want to do there….. i dont know what course i will get or what the poeple there will be like… what if i make no friends. im almost 18 and have only ever been friends with girls… what if i can’t talk to guys? what if im alone forever, i dont like partying and going out clubbing and i dont drink, is anyone like me out there anymore???? im turning 18 in 2 weeks and i feel like id be happier turning 80…. i feel too old for todays youth…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Stop asking “What If” and just live in the moment of right now. Of course you will be able to talk to guys sometimes it takes longer than others but you will eventually find the right person. College is also an amazing opportunity and it is okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet. Just feel it around a bit and see what you think. And trust me… 18 is a lot more fun than 80. Enjoy your life and stop trying to rush it because when you do actually turn 80, you will regret all those times.

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