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Posted by on 2012/06/14 under Uncategorized

Well…. I’m sick of always being on bottom. NOTHING goes my way. The girl i fell for just now said she was moving on after she begged ME to come back to her. My grand mom is shoving WAAAY to much s*** down my throat and i cant get it done good enough or fast enough for her to believe me when i say “I’m doing all i can.” My girlfriend thinks im cheating and wont quit accusing me. Everyone is bullying me and beating my heart up for cutting myself… And, i had to go to summer school, and i finished the entire thing on the first day. No one was proud…. I can do a damn thing right for any-f***ing-one. Im tiered of hurting, tiered of being alone. im sick and tiered of living….. I want out but i cant leave…. I don’t know what i can do… Ive gone so far down, there is no up anymore…. I have no f***in idea who i am, or what im doing…

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