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Posted by on 2012/06/13 under Uncategorized

I is fuken bored and fin is typing madly so im having to pretend to type summot so i don’t look like a dips***. I cba anymore i really just want this year to be over school to be over i want summer 2013 now. I want to get away from home, from school from so called friends from those people i have to call family.. i want my life to start, not just be stuck in school anylonger they will have had 14 years of my life, il only be friggen 18 for f*** sake, that means i have had 4 years where i have not been stuck to a steady time table, although that isn’t tru is it cos i was at nursery before, that would be timetabled…. i want to be able to get up when i want, choose what job i want, and i do not want to be here anymore, i want to get a loving boyfriend, i want someone hu cares for me, someone i can turn to when everyone else has failed me. I just need a fresh start.

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