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Depression is serious, and whether or not someone wants to lecture someone to get over it- I’d like them to reconsider. If someone is (however years) old, telling others that as long as you have a home and food that you MUST be happy and get over yourselves, is not only selfish but completely uncaring of those who experience it. Even within states of true bliss I completely understand those that remain on the dark side of the spectrum.
Personally, feeling depression on a variety of levels brings out a very special part of me. Parts that sometimes want to destroy my life, and parts that only want to pursue a better life. Depression is experienced by everyone, whether the depression is because of a break-up, death, or loss of home and food. Depression comes in all shapes and sizes and must be dealt on a personal and social level; some leave quickly, and some stay forever.

To those who believe depression is a lifestyle choice, I’d love to congratulate you on stating the obvious. For those who choose to be, and experience, happiness everyday they choose- I’d also like to congratulate your bravery. However, many must understand that happiness does not come from a plain choice. It comes from perseverance, acknowledgement, and the assistance from the greater good. Happiness is a muscle that must be worked upon for days upon years before it can change someones life- and though that can be a difficult one; The same goes with dieting, exercising, learning how to play an instrument, using your left/right hand and more. The world is constantly in a state of improvement- and as an individual you must attempt happiness and work towards it. Never the less, the initial steps and the continuous steps are the hardest ones some can take.

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