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ok everybody can say “y me?” or “I HATE MY LIFE!” but unless u have no home and ur livin with complete strangers and they don’t feed u, I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT cause there are people who live even worse than that and all u ever hear from the people i know is that they r depressed…GET THE F*** OVER IT AND SEE A DOCTOR if ur depressed y go around and spread it? and tell everyone so they can worry about u? i know this sounds heartless but it’s true go see a doctor and u’ll fell a lot better…then u can spread happiness and help those in need…i used to be like that but then i thot about it and i realized how good i have it 13, about to get a job, have a home to live in, and food, granted yes we do have food stamps but at least i have food, i feel sooooooo sorry for those who have nothin…look this up on “Kony 2012” and if u’ve already heard of if then u should agree that we should be thankful for what we have and that we should help those people cause they need it way more than we do…when i get old enough to move out i’m goin on tour with a band that my cousin is in and then visitin Africa and helpin in Kony 2012…then i have a whole life ahead of me that i can help people all around the world. U should do the same.

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