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I love her, but I’ve hurt her in the past too many times to have her back. I had weird dreams about her. Three all together, and all were related to a futuristic version of the Titanic. It was in the process of sinking. I save her three times. One time time I had to swim with an oxygen take down to save her, but since she could breathe water for a limited time, she only needed me part way up. Then she cut my line and swam to the surface.

The last two are some sort of way to either pay off debt, or an adult party game. The person was contained inside a 1-meter wide disk, or sphere. They could feel nothing while inside, except if they were hit by a special stick. Each person was then shrunk down to the size of a DVD case, and inserted into this case holder. There are also duplicate cases inserted as well.

The people playing took turns pulling hint cards as to where she would be in the stack, as well as a math question. The math was to indicate where to hit these disks with the special rod, that would expose parts of the individual inside the disk, an arm, a leg, hair. When struck in the proper place, the disk-person felt very intense pleasure. Once fully exposed, the disk-thing would be revealed as either the real person, or a fake. If real, they would be very aroused and generally would go to the winner’s room.

The final two times I tried saving her. One, I interrupted the game to try and find her, only to be shrugged off. I didn’t understand the rules of the game, so when I saw her name on a hint card, I pulled the number and math questions, and started solving and hitting away. By the time I figured out how to hit, the disk is revealed as fake just as the real one is set free.

The second, having woken up and thought on the rules, I go back so sleep and play the game with the gentlemen. I set her free, and we hug tightly. She says she would rather have had them free her, smiling and blushing with the pleasure.

Enough with the dream: I love her and feel incomplete without her, but I can never ask her to trust me after what I did to her in the past.

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