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Posted by on 2011/07/16 under Uncategorized

so i was happy enough to ask a friend to come have coffee with me so you cold spend the day home…. but no you said no to that and you would take me out… but we not going till 1 half the day gone already…. then we will be back home by 3 so all i will get is 2 hours to finish off getting pressies for everyone…. then in that 2 hours it will be coffee and lunch and looking in shops you want to look in like yesterday and not shops that i want to… hey i not saying its all about mt but when you have someone stay with you on holidays yes you should try to take them places yes you should go to shops they are interested in cause you can go on your own whenever you want… unlike the person holidaying…..f*** i wish i had stayed in the city on my own…. could have please myself what i did that way… selfish???? maybe but when you have to pay for airplane tickets to come on holidays well sorry i want to make that money worth the while…. so if thats selfish then i guess i am guilty…….life sucks at the moment….

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