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i was there, when you were in pieces. i stayed up until 3 on some nights, listening to you die over him. i’m supposed to be your best friend, but you don’t even listen to me. you won’t even let me read you a f***ing paragraph. i can’t even say one negative thing, cause then you’ll be thinking,” oh look, gilbert’s b****ing again.” i never got tired of helping you, even when you didn’t want to listen to my advice. i love you. i love your mom and your family, and i’m filled with gratitude towards their hospitatlity. but you, make me feel like i’m a f***ing chore. and i’m going to go ahead and call you ungrateful. because you don’t appreciate me. it’s supposed to be in everyone’s heart to love someone for who they are, but it doesnt give you an excuse to be rude, and mean, and spoiled all the f***ing time. “oh, you know how she is.” that’s s***ty bulls***. and you wouldn’t put up with me, if i decided to be the same way with you. if you don’t even care enough to stop me from going, just tell me to f*** off now. you’re only nice to me, when you don’t want to bother anyone else, when you have no one else. and it’s only for your problems. mine don’t matter to you. you’re nicer to the people, “you’re never going to see again.” in that case, you have several others that you can be mean to, for the rest of your life. all i ask is that you give me important mail.

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