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Hey , second time i write here . answer it please . well look im 14 . i dont know what the hell is wrong with me . im acting angrey mean rude and bad to everyone and why ? cause im in love from 8 month all the garde 8 year with a guy in my school . i love him so much but i dont talk to him alot normally . we arent friends and everyone thinks im a jerk for falling for him cause he is ugly rude and sort of an idoit , i know that while im cute pretty and hot . i know all these but i dont know how to get over him . how to forget him and move on ., why ?. why life has been so bad to me in such a young age . i have friends , and is loved but all i care about is him him him . i trip while wlaking infront of him , put my head down while practing a dance with his class and never looks dirextly into him . i notice him look at me sometimes but another times he just flirts with another girl , i need good advice please no nonesense no hate plz im so sad and depressed and thanks .,

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a teenager, this is very normal. many such guys will come and go, this is just a phase. You are not in love with him, this is infatuation, enjoy while it lasts.. soon you will get over him and there will be someone else on your mind.. when you grow up you will laugh over these things.
    Right now is the time to just concentrate on studies and anything that interests you, hang out with friends, do not get into relationships, they are very difficult to handle and bring a lot of hurt and pain which you cannot handle at this age.
    Tell your mom how you feel or talk to your friends about it… you will soon get over it. All the best in life.

  2. aleen says:

    Ok thanks for ur advice wish u the best too . i wish ill be over him soon but its been 8 month @ sometimes i feel its only my imagination imagining that i love him idk . thanks so much answ u made me feel better <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have a whole life ahead of you, study and make a great career, and see guys lining up after you. Intelligence, Independence, career, respect, Money and love will follow.. see how it makes you feel. It is very important in life.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And i know what that’s like i am 16 and i understand you feel that way now but next year you’ll be either over it and laughing or even still like him but believe me this is not love. Hope things get better <3

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