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lost a good friend …
was it my fault.. or hers.. I was falling for her even though I knew she loves somebody else.. We were great friends. She used to tell me that I will be great some day. We used to understand each other so well. One day I realized I am calling her too much, much more than comfortable for both of us. I couldn’t stand the fact that she’s going to anybody else’s. I tried telling her the same thing that dont call me so much. but she didnt took it seriously and I had to take some serious action. I changed my google account and did not pick up her calls. Total isolation from her. Its been a month since I talked to her. It kills me. but it has to be done. We sink to well. She can guess what am I going to speak next and I guess the same. She knows everything about me.
I know you will say why didn’t I tell her about my feelings? I havent been much successful in my whole life. On what basis would she select me I dont know, she is in a great institute doing great research and I am failing everywhere. I had lost her she removed me from her friends list in fb. That signifies the fact that she is trying to ignore me, but she also visits my webpage I can get that information from my webpage. I know she also misses me. But again I cant do anything. I am such an low confident person. I am losing my memory. What do I do without you.. Please please god help me out.

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