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Posted by on 2012/05/16 under Uncategorized

I feel bad me and a guy have been doing stuff for 9 months… But he has a girlfriend he tells me he loves me and if i left he wouldnt be able to live without me…idk what to do im in love with him but when we are around people he acts like we are just friends…and then we are alone he acts like he loves me…we have never went all the way the most we do is makeout,cuddle,and hold hands…i want a real relationship with him…he ditches his girlfriend all the time do be with me….and im also really good friends with his girlfriend and she tells me it hurts when he cancels on her…i dont want to lose either of then but i know im gonna lose one in the end i dont regret starting what we started because im in love with him… he told me today he was gonna break up with her to be with me im just scared im gonna lose her as a friend….why does life have to be so complicated…i really hope she understands but then agian i understand why she will be upset when she finds out…maybe i should just come clean and tell her…idk anymore lose the boy or lose the friend? like people sya boyfriends come and go….but so do friends 🙁

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