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you hurt me tonight…. not the first time i guess… you dont trust me… i understand your reasons… i guess…. but i dont really trust you either now… you work all day, yeah i got that i belvie that… but a 4-5 hour nap every day right after work after you already slept the night… whats up with that? bet your off f***ing the girl that you said you gana move in with if you get kicked outa your place… f*** that i said no but it doesnt matter to you, idk why… its kidna f***ed up to move in with some girl when your dateing some one… especially one that i know you have history with… that you want to be with… you’ve told me all about it before we started dateing… even after we started dateing you talked about all the girls yovue ever dated or wanted to… doesnt help me…. i worry you cheat on me all the time… im always waiting for you im always wanting to do something with you, yet you say im the one lieing when my entire life litterly revolves around you? and you know it does…. only time im not pstering youis when you take your “nap” (long as f*** nap…. every single f***ing day too….) or want to be left alone and even then im texting you, trying to get ahold of you, want to do something with you, why would i be cheating on you… i lvoe you… do you lvoe me??? i wouldnt have time to cheat on you anyways… im always with you or wanting to be with you…. this might be good bye… idk ill tell you in the morning when im done crying….

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