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Posted by on 2012/05/10 under Uncategorized

where to start. im there for my bestfrien literally through everything, but she is such a s***ty person, honestly. i could give her the shirt off my back and shed still be a b****. shes gotten so bad lately. just a second ago she ditched out on me, i honestly am seeing a lot that i didnt a long time ago. i wish i could make up with my ex friend. she waas seriously the best friend id ever had. i mean yeah she had her quirks but she literally was a true true bestfriend i wish i could go back. i wish shed accept my apology. i miss her so much i hate the person ive aloud myself to become i need help, honestly im just tired and sick of everything. i think im going to stop smoking. its not good for me and my health is bad. im serious. i couldnt talk to my friends about this but im pretty sure im gonna cut everyone off this summer. im gonna focus on work and myself, im going to work on losing 100 pounds this summer, and looking amazing for the upcoming school year. i love life, but right now i am unhappy, i know i shouldnt be, but i am….im unhappy with my weight, my looks, my friends, my chooices, everythinng. i know i shoulodnt feel this way but i do…. its time to do ME, F*** THE REST! F*** YOU FAKE B****!!!!! goddd theres a s*** ton of people i could name of right now..but im not going to. i gotta do me, and only me <3

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