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Posted by on 2012/05/10 under Uncategorized

I don’t even know why I am this angry. I sit under the proyector, to use the projector you have to stand up on my desk and turn in on. I am used to not reach it, I always stab up and let the person that sits behind me turn it on. It has always been like this, until yesterday, in Spanish class. We’ve never used the projector on Spanish class, so we did it like always, I stood up and the person behind me turned it on.

The professor in this class is really… Weird. So he asked me “Why don’t you turn it on?” I replied that I couldn’t reach it and the class began. At the end, we had to turn off the projector. He asked me to do it. I got angry, of course, but I stood up and tried to reach the button, but It was to far away. I jumped a little and turned off the projector but I fell horribly. The professor started laughing and told me “You did that on purpose right? So that I won’t bother you again.” Everyone laughed at me. I didn’t reply. I was so angry. man, no. NO. What the hell. I didn’t fell on purpose. I felt so humiliated.

How am I supposed to sit there again? I can’t switch places. We use that f***ing proyector everyday. How the f***… Am I… Supposed to…? Stand up again? I proved I could turn off the proyector, but… What?! I am not tiny, but I cannot reach the button. The person behind me is like 6 cm taller than me, but it makes the difference. I was so angry. I wanted to kill the teacher. I am a really shy person that doesn’t tall that much, and everyone laughing at me really hurt me. They didn’t do it with bad intentions but, what are they going to think about me now? What do I do? That hurt me a

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