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I didn’t choose you. I chose her. And I made the right choice. But you were the right choice too. I can see my life mapped out ahead of me in two different paths. I can see a future with you in it. It’s like this beautiful dream. This beautiful twisted dream because I know you would be so dangerous but we would could so beautiful. We would drink ourselves to pain and love every night and my mind would be numbed and yours would sharpen. And in your drunken muddied state that dull ache for control would grow into a need and you would hurt me and control me; you would be happy. And I would be existing, just like I am now. I would be taken care of with you. But I didn’t choose you. And that’s the right choice. Because my love was already earned and stored within someone else and I couldn’t take it back. But somehow part of my love found it’s way into your beautifully dark mind and I can’t f***ing get over you. You’ve moved on, I read it every day. It’s clear I’m fading into nothing. I’m nothing more than a wisp of a memory now to you. I hate that. I hate you’re forgetting me and that you’re loving someone else. I want my love back that you stole from me. I want to forget you too. You twisted beautiful girl.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    fool you…. you should know where you stand and be firm on it… why did you leave her… wait for your karma

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