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As time goes by its getting harder and harder to be without you… I have never know what it is like to be with you but one can only imagine… And in my dreams i find eternal happiness with you…gee how i wish my dreams would come to life…. I never thought it was possible to pine for someone that i truly dont really know…but i do I pine for you daily hourly minutely and secondly….your forever in my head…. I day dream about you and play out scenarios of all kinds with you… In my scenarios we are together an item, i come and stay with you and your parents on weekends, its a bit of a rocky relationship at first between your parents and myself cause they are only 10 years older than me but they soon realize that our love is real..Your mates are all accepting of me cause they see that you have found someone that makes you happy and they have not seen you like this ever….This is just one of the many scenarios I play out my favourite is the one when we marry… even though i tell myself in real life i would never remarry i think when it comes to you i would….. You could make me deliriously happy I know you could…. Come paint a white line straight to my heart and fill it with love…. I love you forever…… DMF

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