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The title is: I am mostly Evil than good and I love it 🙂
I am not insane am just more Evil than good, anybody on my side?

In life we humans are both
Good and Evil we have a choice
to become more evil than good
or more good than evil if u
choose the light u will go
to Heaven when you die but
in order to enter Heaven when
you die u must be more good
than evil in ur life u have
to loose your virginity
when you get married to the
church and make love with ur
wife that might not even be
a virgin wat a b**** lol jk
anyways u cant lie to get wat
u want when ur good u cant steal
u cant kill u basically have to
be a little b**** so when you
die God can accept u in Heaven
lol When you choose the Dark side
🙂 u don’t give a f*** and u do
whatever the f*** u want u are
ur own boss or u can follow Satan
🙂 being evil is fun and exciting
when you are mostly good life is
boring and u live a boring average
life when you are evil u can become
rich and famous or just rich because
you will do wat ever it takes too
u can sell ur soul to the Devil
so u can become rich and famous or
just rich and enjoy life to the fullest
u only live once and living a average life
is boring being evil is the way to go
because it is fun and exiting and u don’t
worry about s*** because when ur evil u
don’t give a f*** about a lot of things 🙂
the downside about being evil is that u
go to Hell and get tortured day and night
forever and ever 🙁 nobody wants that right
I know I don’t but being good is pathetic
am not a pussy Lucifer betrayed God he is
a f***ing G yeah he got balls and now he is
known as Satan he knows God is going to win
the war but he doesn’t give a f*** because he
is Satan yeah he is evil he is having fun
and we as humans life having fun so that’s
why I am evil yeah being evil makes me happy
being good is boring not exiting at all I know
God created me and everything else but being
good is a joke to me lol being evil is the
way for me I wanna keep smoking weed and etc
I wanna keep f***ing girls after girls and so
on I wanna keep getting a lot of money being
poor is wack I love money pussy weed and my family
and of course Satan because he is a f***ing G
I don’t give a f*** about other human beings I
only care about myself and my family and evil
people that think like me or similar to me
and if I was God I would destroy the human
race because the human race is a f***ing joke
yeah even me I am a f***ing joke as well because
I am human we humans are weak we need weapons
to defend ourselves yeah we can use our hands
and etc to fight but using guns and etc is better
for us because it gets the job done faster and etc…
yeah so if I was God I will destroy the human race
and than I will destroy myself so nothing will
exist because if I was God I would know everything
and etc… and that’s well f***ing boring lol
yeah I am evil 99% evil and I love it 🙂 God
shouldn’t even punish me when I die because I am
really evil when I die God should get rid of me
so I wont exist anymore because torturing isn’t going
to make me Good again yeah I used to be a really good
person a boy got on the bus and he didn’t have a metro
card the bus driver said get off the bus the boy with
a sad look in his face got off the bus I started to
cry I felt the kid’s pain because that has happened to
me so I can relate I felt like a little b**** when I
started to cry on the bus two old lady’s were laughing
at the kid and at me for being a little b**** so
I decided to be evil I started listening to Eminem
and than I started to write some really amazing
evil lyrics I become a beast at rapping and etc
in less than a week I started watching a lot of
porn and bloody movies I also started watching
interviews about serial killers I wanted to be
a bad ass the killers were all cool calm and
collected they were confident and didn’t give
a f*** about killing people they were free
to do whatever the f*** they wanted to do
I wanted to be free I started to worship
Satan and started to feel more powerful
and a lot of good things started to come in
my life I have never been this free and Happy
I started smoking weed and now I smoke weed
everyday and f*** girls yeah I f*** 3 or 4
times a week I started doing a lot of evil s***
and didn’t give a f*** I started to beat up bums
in the streets and started to feel happy about it yeah
it was fun beating up a homeless people my life is
really fun now that I am evil I am also making a lot
of money Satan is helping me and its awesome 🙂
I am 18 right now I plan on killing people soon
I want to know how it feels to kill a person it must feel
powerful I am so excited 🙂 I am not insane am just evil
okay am not crazy or anything I just like being evil
yeah I enjoy being more evil than good its fun and etc…
I know that all the evil things am doing is messed up
and etc… but its fun and am evil so I don’t give a f***
if the world was filled with only good people it will
end because nobody will die or just get over populated
with people and there wont be enough food to feed everyone
and if it was filled with only evil people the world will
end because we will all kill each other lol so we need good
and evil so the world can exist I picked the dark side so
am helping out yeah am doing my part and the good pussies
is doing their part I believe in God and the Devil and etc…
because I have experienced a lot of things in my life and
so on I am not insane I know that the evil things that I am
doing is really messed up but I am evil so I really don’t
give a f*** and keep on doing evil things because it makes me
Happy it makes me feel powerful it makes me feel alive I don’t
feel trap like I used to feel when I was a good little b****
lol I know that I am going to suffer for this when I die and I
don’t give a f*** I am so evil that I cant turn back to being
mostly good again because I know the feeling of being good
is like being a slave I hate that feeling and being evil
is being free evil backwards is live and right now I live
free b****

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