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Posted by on 2012/04/15 under Uncategorized

Again you are not messaging me back… Daniel you cant keep doing this to me I cant keep doing it to myself…I have so much to deal with at the moment..More than my head can cope with…Its 6 days till our 5 yr anniversary… Well 5 yrs since we first met… A night i shall never forget.. I enjoyed your company so much that night..It was wonderful being wrapped up in your arms.. I think I knew that night that you were special.. and you always would be.. I know one day we will be together… I love you Daniel and that will never change… I just wish I could find the strength I require to walk out of the situation I am in.. I just wish I knew what and how you were feeling…. But you will never never tell me… I dont want to go on any longer with the “what ifs” I want to know… My life feels like an upside down mess as it is so a bit more mess could not hurt…Do we really need to make life so complicated for ourselves.. Why cant it be this perfect movie like you see on tv…Oh Daniel one day my darling we will be together…. Just wish i knew when that one day was…. forever love xx

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