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She had the most exquisite eyes that you’ll ever see , tough to take your eyes of them . She made me gaze at her for eternity without any real reason – and now she makes me think about her without any reason . I know she’s the lost jewel which i’ll never reclaim , i know there’s no use blaming myself for those “Words not spoken” when i had the chance, but alas the i’m so foolish to spend time thinking of the chance that passed by rather than make a new life, but even the thought to think about her make s me far more comfortble and happy . My life would have been lot more colorful, tons more exciting had i made the right move, had those words come out of my mouth ,no, i have only myself to blame for . She knew it didnt she ? She knew it all the way , may be she was expecting me to take the initiative , i bet she knew it . Thoughts were beyond logic then,beyond reason and it was clogged with shame and ego and element X and Y , I still have no explanation for your chemical reactions inside my brain , I’s floating in loneliness waitng for the lady with beautiful eyes, and that wait will go on for eternity, but did not have the courage to open my heart , even for something i wanted the most . And now i know i did not make the right choice , my soul is as good as a corpse without mana , the thoughts are too volatile , and my eyes are not spared either , they’re always searching for something sweet and there’s nothing sweeter in this world for my eyes than her wide smile and curved lips . Its not love nor lust nor infactuation , it’s something incomprehensible, beyond words

Alas my mind is light now , i’ll have time to buy

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  1. Number7 says:

    Vow,Lovely, I fell in love

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