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Why everything is so hard to understand, and even you don’t want to understand. Everything is mess and you try to find some serenity in it. All new is all to be understood in any way you will try to and you can or you will, whatever you are feeling to do with it. But sometimes it is something more. So simple and so complicated. Maybe it is just the way we image that. To make it easier is to let it go.

Be in the unity with yourself, be one. There are so many things that even great minds can not understand. So why are you dazzling in the universe of unknown.
“Because” – one man say. “Because, it is who we are. We can not live without trying to solve the great mysteries. That the way our consciousness works. The life will be poor, a simple misery, have no sense. People always ask questions.” And there always will be answer sooner or later. That’s why we call alive. To be alive is to think!

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    The world is the most obsene chaos imaginable. But within the chaos there is beauty. Things in the world, in our own lives sometimes aren’t meant to be understood. They are just there for us to ponder about why.

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