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I’m kind of annoyed at people bashing Resistance 3 (upcoming video game) calling it generic and boring. I dont know what they are talking about, this game has really come a long way and I think people are just giving up on it way too early with no real reasons except for some whack gut-feelings. The graphics are upgraded and the story line is still pretty gripping (by resistance standards) plus they have brought back a lot of features that gamers like from R1. I’m still going to like it (thats all that really matters, I know) but with people raving about MW3, which looks just the same as their last two games (its still running on the same engine) with some upgraded weapons. MW3 just doesn’t bring anything to the table and people think it is hot stuff just because its COD MW3, while R3 has listened to its fan-base and actually improved gameplay and gets no credit, come on people, give credit where credit is due.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i do not get what you’re on about!!! whats resistance 3???????????

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