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I’m so sad tonight. I’m 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I love my 2 year old to bits and am trying so hard to be a good mom. My husband helps me but I miss my family so much. I left my whole family in Pakistan at the age of 19 when I git married and moved to Australia. I want to see my mum. I miss the times we used to spend together.
I’m so tired of everything. On top of all that I’m trying to wean my 2 year old off breastmilk without any support from my husband whatsoever.
I just want my parents and brothers to share my life’s precious moments with.
Oh Im so sad. I can’t even talk about all this with anyone coz I know nobody will ever understand what I’m going through emotionally.

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  1. Tina says:

    Hey friend.I just read your feelings,should tell ya It’s a normall thing,missing your family living abroad I see,but you’d better think about things you have now which you couldn’t have if you were living like the past,in Pakistan and with your family.
    I know it’s hard but every situation has its benefits too.I myself am a girl who wants to go abroad for studying.Asian people like you and me have very strong emotions specially for their family.but you have to be strong you’re gonna be a good mother for ur can.just have faith…

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