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Posted by on 2012/04/02 under Uncategorized

I have been thinking a lot about life and hoe it should be lived. No two people have the exact same life, there is variation in infinite many ways as there can be similarity. Keep your cool if someone else doesn’t fit a sterotype.
I have been giving this thought consideration. Why must I live in an existence were I am expected to uphold someone else’s values, and swallow my own. I thought my self to be more independent than this. I cannot be trapped in this mundane consequence. Perhaps it was thoughtless actions that lead me to crossroads. A decision so vastly different, it has implications for the remainder of my story. Is life really about legacy? Is it about status? Or is it about making history? Why not march to the beat of your own drum! I can’t stomach the thought of my self having to go to a job that is indertured servitude, playing it sage and when the day comes for my emancipation, I will have nothing left but a lousy 401k and gold watch, oh and thanks for giving us the best years of your life f***tard!
No thank you. I am going to see this world and find out what beauties she has kept secret from most of flock. I know not everyone feels the way I do, but please don’t judge me for not going your corporate route. I tried, if I stayed it would ne another shooting rampage from the guy who snapped.
So here is my promise to you and me! I will be vagabonding for the next several years, all the mean while I will be constantly working on new projects and ventures. I don’t know what o am searching for out of life, but I know we have developed ways that will allow me to have all the time in the world to search for it. Good night!

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