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Posted by on 2022/10/29 under Life

I feel so overwhelmed and sad. I feel exhausted. I'm tired of living. I can't stop my thoughts and it's so hard to do the things i used to love to do. I just want to go somewhere i can be all alone and never be found by anyone again. I want to go somewhere where nothing, but just being and living matters. Where i dont have to fullfill expectations of others. Somewhere, where i can just be myself all alone. Just being somewhere in the woods in a little house where i'm surrounded by birds and little animals and beautiful trees. I dont want to be here anymore. I dont have the energy for that.
I sometimes even wish, that i was never even been born.

One thought on “Lost but never found

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes all you need is alone time. Take some time for yourself.

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