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He’s 18, I’m 16. He’s in grade 12, Graduating, Moving away, Growing up, Going off to College in August, and has a very successful life ahead of him. I’m extremely happy for him, except… I’m in grade 10, Graduating in 2 years, Partying, Drinking, Hating school, doing what any regular 16 year old girl would do. The sad part? Well, it’s the whole situation. The whole relationship. He’s moving 6 hours away, leaving me here with all the memories, and experiences we share together. He doesn’t want a long-distance relationship, he says they don’t work out. Most of the time they don’t, but it’s worth a try? No. Not to him. He says he really cares about me, he told me to never ever think he doesn’t. Truth is, if he did. He wouldn’t be my boyfriend right now. It’s honestly tearing me apart that the longest were going to last is 4 months.. I can’t do it anymore. I just can’t 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ;( there there my friend it’s ok , if it’s not worth a try to him , then he’s just not woth itttt !!! screw HIM !! let him gooo don’t be sad !! you will find someone 10 no 100 times better than him !! someone who you will be woth ir to him !! your still young ;D ;***

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