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Posted by on 2021/04/08 under Life

Sometimes my eyes just fill up with tears. There is no reason why. Nothing profound. No obvious reason or trigger to pin down.
They just do because…. Everything feels like it is too much.
When I’m at that point – it’s the small things that sent the first tear falling down.
Just a thought or a memory. Something I see on Social Media or at the TV. Something insignificant – No true reason. Or nothing that is enough to be a reason.

There are so many things I could be happy about. And I am – happy. I am healthy and so are the people I love. I found a new job – even though that is not easy during Corona-Times. I live in a good house, have friends and my dog is always at my side.

Still, sometimes everything feels like it is too much. Like I’m not fast enough to cope with everything in my life. Not fast enough to truly experience life.
That there are still things that I’m lacking or that I’m missing out on. Everything goes by so fast. There are so many Chances that I didn’t take. So many experiences that I have not tried out. Not brave enough to do it.

I hope that someday I will choose it. Truly live it!

Why do I feel brave enough to feel the sad things in life but I’m not brave enough to share my feelings with someone else?

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