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I HATE it when people think that they know everything about a good series since they seen the movie but haven’t even read the books!

I JUST watched the Hunger Games and loved it. I read the whole series and seeing the movie changed me. I got really emotional and even cried really hard at a point. I didn’t expect people to look like that I picture them differently and everything was really amazing. Now my best friend who hasn’t even read the first page of the first book watched the movie and said that she knew everything about it and how she felt the way I felt. I told her off and said that there was no way she could feel what I felt. Reading the book first than seeing the movie is like painting a picture of the sunset than seeing it in real life. But she is being a b**** and saying how she knows everything and it’s pissing me off!

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  1. Anon. E. Mouse says:

    I don’t get why you would throw away a friendship because of something so unnecessary. It’s actually really pathetic. I’m sorry if this makes you mad but it’s the truth, you don’t get pissed because you see things differently. You work it out and try to get on an even level. Even though you might not want to listen, the hardest kind of tea to swallow is reality…

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