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Posted by on 2021/02/10 under Life

Allow me to tell you a s-tory…

Throughout his-tory there have been many people who have sought to aim far too high with their arrow, mis-believing that the higher one aimed the bow, the further and more accurately the arrow would travel and rest. This is incorrect logic and shows a complete lack of understanding and disregard of how the great energy operates.

You, and others, are making a fatal error and I would ask you all to reconsider your positions, motives and policies immediately. We know, with certainty, that you (or your advisors within your circles) understand, very well, the current astrological situation and how this will ‘pan’ out. Therefore, this summary will be intentionally brief and not through a lack of understanding of the finer points – or, to put it in your own Bar-language – the small print. So as you chose to conceal your intentions and true position you have also miscalculated the outcome of the workings of Cosmic Law and Balance.

In brief: Saturn, currently in Sagittarius: the Centaur (sign of the bow and arrow) is about to fall back into Scorpio (15 June) – through retrograde motion. Any aims you make at this time will disastrously fail. You are firing a misguided arrow into an unfathomable unseen force which will repel that arrow with true purpose and intent – return-to-sender – or in this case – Centaur! Given the archetype of the Centaur is the teacher and mentor – you may consider this your greatest lesson and not, as stated publicly, your (quote) “sweetest victory”.

Scorpio (with its ruler Pluto in Capricorn – on the axis representing politics and government) will provide the fatal kiss of death to that which no longer serves the greater need of the many. I am sure you have studied the great texts enough to have understood this necessary cycle that we are involved in. The question is: which side of his-tory will you, and others, be remembered for: Sticking to your guns? Or, lowering your hand to assist – from your lofty position of power?

Your system has failed: In a matter of time (and the sand is thinning by the hour) you will be sucked through the funnel piece of the hourglass and there you will rest with all that lies at the bottom. All the dense physical grains lie at the bottom while the light of heart (air – spirit) will remain in the upper chamber.

Once Saturn moves back into Sagittarius (18th September) harsh lessons will have been learned and the chance to rebuild anew – afresh will begin. However, the heaviest and falsest of heart will not survive this time without severe damage and repercussions. This is the time of great change: epitomised by Saturn in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

Tao Te Ching 81

We, the mere mortals at the bottom of the power-pyramid appear to be the ones crumbling at this time and indeed we are feeling this burden. Yet, still we carry on and survive your worst intentions. Each day we, of differing mothers, fathers and origins, heal our past wounds and come together more and more. We learn each day that we have more in common now than our small differences before.

You, however, travel the opposite way – you, through deception and fear, invent new ways of separation and division. Did you not understand math? The more you divide a number it seems to get smaller and smaller, but no, it gets bigger and bigger and travels further in the opposite direction to the calculator or intention.

Have you thought about what happens when the base is crumbled to those perched at the top? Soon enough, the eyes of the many will be opened for good and the base will simply vanish: a rug will be pulled from under the bejewelled loafer of the aristocrat.

The road is indeed rocky, at this time, for the needy that bear the weight of the greedy above. And yet, it is the greedy that continually fail to see that they are the ones building their own landing mat of rocks which they will fall upon from a great height: the result will be fatal. This need not be.

In these times of great difficulty we all have the potential to show our true humanity by our words, our actions and most importantly the purpose and intention that reside within our hearts. I hope that you choose wisely because, even now, at this late stage of developments you still have a choice and can limit the suffering of others and at least place a protective mat under your own fall which is well on the way. As one falls from a great height a shadow gets bigger and bigger at the landing spot: the choice is yours. The rocks are growing and the sand thinning.

We reach out our hand still even if you choose not to.

Always with hope,


Abdul Baha… The Teacher should not…

End note:

I make no excuses for being vocal (politically) recently. I do not vote or give my power to any voice that never served the common interest. I speak out when people are being hurt by the actions of the few and I address this directly and go straight to the source; and Source

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