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Posted by on 2020/11/18 under Life

on Friday I wasn't in the best place mentally. I was in school (I'm 13) and I just had an urge to die I was careless I had nothing to care for not even my self I have a screwdriver only a little one I got it in a Christmas cracker last year and I have ben using it to unscrew a sharpener and c*t I thought about going to the bathroom and doing it I asked to go to the bathroom and they allowed me and prior to this I put my screwdriver in my pocket and a sharpener and I did it. it hurt but it helped I keep a hair bobble on my wrist so after I did it I got a bit of tissue and dampened it out it on my wrist and tied it with the band so I would not bleed through my jumper but then my jumper started to get wet so I was asked to pull down my sleeves to reveal a paper towel of some kind and asked to remove it and put it in the bin but first the teacher asked to see what I was covering so I walked to the desk and showed her and this was on Thursday. this Monday and Tuesday I had been at home because the whole year had to stay off but now I have that teacher tomorrow first and second lesson so now I have to talk about why I did it and I'm anxious to i hate sharing how I feel it makes me feel sick. is there any advice you could give me on how to explain or what to say anything would be helpful thank you. have a good week.

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