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perfect somewhere i an just vent i can just let everything out cause i cant keep it in……alot of my problems started with my relation ship i have been having for months now i love him so uch but al we do is fight i wanna be able to get along and not fight….we fight over things like me cheeting on him and him cheeting on me its s*** and i wish it upon noone except for s*** people it was mothers day the other day and i stayed in my friends house and didnt get to see my mam i feel so guitly and my dad just keeps reminding me of it….my mam is sick she is always in the hospital i love her so much it may not seem like it sometimes but im so scared im gonna lose her cause this family wudnt get by without her i love her i dont wanna fight my da isnt helping with all of this s*** and putting me down…..i love my family i love them alot me and my dad have been best friends since i was little….i smoke, drink and have done drugs and i know how addicted you can get to them i have went thorough life trying to help others more than i help myself and i have been told that and i now belive it….because i relise how much stuff i have bottles up…..i love all my friends and i know how s*** i have been in the past and i will never confess to it i think about going to confession and the one think that might hel me is if i see a sichratrist because then i can actually vent to someone….i have tryed telling my boyfriend and he is so helpful and always listinins but for some reason it dosnt seem enought i feel like im being bullied in school cause people b**** about me i think…all i wanna do is fit in go to party and have alot of friends i have friends that i could trust with my life but i want other friends that i can just go crazzzy with aswel away from everyone i know that may seem greedy but i dunno i cant stress how i feel these days cause ill just randomly cry and the tinyist thinks will hurt me

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