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Finally, i told him that i liked him, he is my friend a really close one, we met two years ago in college, on the way i started having some feelings, and those feelings have became more than liking, u know i started not putting my phone into silent mood when am a sleep and when i wake up i check and wait for him to call, and even i started having some amazing dreams about us being lovers, so i told him about my feelings, it was the first time i felt this way ever i never been in love i never even had a boyfriend, he rejected that saying we are just friends and he was a gentleman and tried not to hurt me but owh i was so heart i started crying in the car with him and i couldnt breath or even talk… and now i still feel really bad wishing to collect the pieces of my heart again … owh boy i will always LOVE u …

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry. That was a big mistake he made by turning you down but think of it as for the best. Maybe falling in love with him could have ruined a good friendship. Everything happens for a reason. There are so many men out there that I know would love you back you just have to find the right one. Remember that it is ok to cry about these things… but move on .xx

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