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A letter to the Greene Family (My Dad side)

I do not know any of my family on your side; hell I barley know you and your my dad. I saw 2 of my half sibilings like 7 years ago, I have a sister I never met she should be 7 now, and I have a sister the last time I seen here was when she was 2 and I was 7 so if we walk pass echer other we ouldnt know who we are. I really don’t know my but a couple moths ago I really wanted to meet her, since I’m in Sc now and I’m assuming she’s still in NJ, I wanted to have her phone number or facebook page. I was told she does not have a facebook page but I can’t find out myself because I do not know how to spell her ame. Also, my father said I cannot cantact her so ain’t know telling what she said to her so she probably wouldn’t want to know me anyway. My father and I last talked 2 yrs ago on the phone when I asked for my sister # when he told me no and he lied saying that I said I did not want to see her (which is a lie). I hope he really didn’t tell her that and he just sad that to be childish but asfter he said that I said ‘F*** U.” I knoespectful because he is my father but he deserve it and I MEANT that s***,, I’m fed up with him and never and ever never want to speak to him again. I have a brother who is kind of slow who honesly I think he be talkin to one of my fathers daughters cause the things he’s saying we “use” to do we never did… and I would remember because I 10 the last time I saw him and he didn’t talk to me, actually everytime I use to visit him he use to be mean to me and not talk to me but talk to everyone else. My brother found me on facebook and I gave him my # and he always mention my dd I guess trying to get us to talk again but I wont because he filled him up with lies.. Anyway I tried to be nice and ignore what he was saying about my father then he always use to ask about my oldest brother; I use to ignore that too until finally I gave in. I found him n facebook and he ask like he don’t know me. I blocked his facebook page and my other brother facebook page and blocked my # from my brother trying to get everyone together. He’s slow so its a nice gester that he want everybdy to get along but my father says lies about me for know reason and Im serious when I say no reason because I never spend that musch time with him for him to say anything bad about me. So at this point I am thru with that side of the family. I dont know that family, dont wanna know that famiy, dont never wanna see that family and I definitley will never speak to my father agin. If my father dies I probably wouldn’t know but if I do find out of course I will be sad but not enough to cry and I won’t go to the funeral. Despite our differences and he dies he know I love him I just don’t want to see him dead or alive. I am just writing how I feel, hope this dont come across as mean but I know many ppl that dont go to their love ones funeral and I wont go to his… For what? Idk him.. I’m not writing this in hopes he will die soon but I hope he knows I love him much better if I don’t spek with him, see him or hear about him

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