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Somewhere to write. A place to write anything.
Honestly, I don’t care about you’re opinon. I don’t care what you have to say. I’m going to type, and thats the last this website will hear of me.
I’m not going to lie, I’m farley attractive. Brown/auburnish hair, blue,hazelish eyes(not the best color:)) little frekles, mostly flawless skin.(A girl) Pretty faced, hot bodied. Athletic, artistic.
I just…hmm…
I want to find a girl that…listens to music from the 1975’s and below. – The beatles -The kinks -Rolling stones -The temptations -Four tops -Mamas and Papas etc. A girl that enjoys working out, hanging out, great movies. Holding hands, having a great time just being yourself:) A REAL girl. Not a fake girl who takes advantage of me. A girl that will treat my choclate lab well. Go swimming and not be concerned about her body. A girl that eats right (but not all the time, I enjoy ice cream, and chocolate to). My background is, my family is very open and understanding. Although many guys like me, and want me to “switch”, I like girls. And I’ve been crushing on this amazing down to earth girl, who turns out to have a BOYFRIEND, nothing wrong with that, its just she was leading me on. It hurts like a crazy b**** trying to get over her. But, aye, life throws ya curve balls. Why can’t there be REAL girls out there, who truley have hearts?:( Ha. Who am I kidding I’m living in a teenage world. Guess I’ll start searching when I’m older:)
<3 an always smiling girl

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