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Posted by on 2012/02/13 under Uncategorized

Can i crawl in a hole and not come out until I have at least one person who loves me for me? Why does he have a girlfriend? I can’t find anyone like him. We used to be so good together. I hate being the replacement, the second choice from anyone. My own best friend only calls when she needs. My parents only call when money is involved or they need me. Where’s that one person for me? Who just wants me…. I used to have it all. How quickly it all comes crashing down. I dont know what else to do. I guess I’ll focus my energy on this treadmill and my degree…. If only it was that easy to distract ourselves….

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know how you feel it’s like all he wants is the best but they don’t see that your the best

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