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Okay, So Ever since i was 5 terrible things happened to me, not stupid boyfirend problems but im a vitim of attempted murder, Was touched, Lost everything and talmost everyone that ment something to me and so it leads to memory lose from these things, And One after another i have started to remember all these things, thinking about all the bad parts at random moments and i just break down… No matter where or who im with, it happens at school alsot in the middle of classes, And i just get up and run to a place where i know nobody will look or hear me, and i punch the walls screaming and crying. My friends get worried since im having them more frequently and its like i was ment to be depressed like its a test for a stupid lab rat. Was god planning me to forget these memorys and remember them one by one until i finally lose it?? Latley i remember Standing and waing down the road at something and it coming closer, but thats all i can remember so far, and my school makes these weird people watch me to make sure when i break down, they are there to help, but its making everything worst. All i have is mymom to clarify these memories as true, and i told her what i know on this recent on, but she cryes and says “there is a chance you wont get the full picture, and that picture isnt something youll want to get, so youll thank me when you dont remember the details when you grow up.” And it makes me wonder. I Live To Cry, I Cry To Die, And I Die Inside, But Im Dying Outside Too. At least thats how it feels, So why? Why am i remembering this? And why is it having such an affect on me?

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