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My mind is blank right now so i’ll let my fingers do the talking. For the first time in my life I feel like things are getting a little better but I cant help but feel like there’s something missing. I mean I have a wonderful boyfriend, I have great friends, I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat…. it seems just too good to be true. Maybe it’s the people I’ve left behind. Studies show that when you start to date someone, you usually two people in your life. Well those to would have to be my former best friends. My ex-boyfriend who is like the sweetest guy in the world and my former best friend -_- just the thought of her makes me mad or sad. She’s the biggest backstabber, who ever walked the earth… but I miss her. Honestly I do. For a while she was like my other half. But then new people came into my life, people left, things changed. That’s just how life goes. But I don’t want to miss her. I haven’t heard her voice in so long it’s kinda bittersweet. My ex-boyfriend on the other hand is a long story. He was my first love. He was nice, sweet, smart, funny and so thoughtful. He was Mr. Right… just not right for me. I broke up with him after a couple months because I didn’t really think he could be truly happy with me. And my former best friend was trying to steal him from me. Like our friendship meant nothing and it was all about the guy. That’s when I realized that she just wasn’t who I thought she was. So I just cut her off. Like I was just dropping extra baggage. We haven’t talked in months and things were starting to look up. Then this new guy just walked into my life. Well he wasn’t exactly new, just new to me. He was always there, I just never noticed him. He’s almost everything I look for in a guy. Tall, nice, funny, sweet, athletic. It’s like uncovering a treasure when it was always in your backyard. He just made my nights and days better. He makes me happy when i’m down, he genuinely cares about me and I feel the same way about him. (off topic)(I have three best friends. My first best friend has been by my side for 6 years but lives like an hour away so we barely get to see each other. She’s the coolest person ever and is always there when I need her. My second best friend is the person who brightens up my day, boys or not. She’s funny and cool and she’s pretty awesome to hang out with. My third best friend is someone I can always depend on to help me out and someone I can trust always. She’s amazing and deserves a lot more than she has.) Anyways, back to my main point. My boyfriend is kind of the misunderstood type. People see him as a person who isn’t serious or nice or smart. It’s like the complete opposite of what he is. If people could see him for what he truly is, people wouldn’t disapprove of us. When I told my best friends that I was going out with him 2 out of 3 were happy for me. I asked them about what they thought about him and they just said that if I was happy that was all that mattered, but of course, my third friend was honest with me and asked me, ” what do you see in him? ” I just simply said “Everything you don’t” I feel kind of betrayed that she wouldn’t approve of him if she didn’t know who he truly was. I’m looking forward to how all my friends react though. Because if they were my true friends, I could be dating Chewbacca and they’d be happy. For now, I just feel like things aren’t gonna turn out so great, like some big asteroid is gonna land in my life and ruin everything. Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen.

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