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Dear Mom and Dad,

You guys don’t love each other. Seeing you guys together is painful; you never hug, never kiss, never even say you love the other. You have arguments, but for my sisters sake and mine, you never fight.
You know, honestly, sometimes I wish that you guys would get a divorce. Seeing you guys separate would be so much better than seeing you guys together. You’re never happy. Mom, you always complain about the house we live in, how it’s always dirty, how dad never tries to keep it clean and how you hate that you are the “only” person that does anything. Dad, you can’t fallow your dreams so long as you are married to mom. You can never move to Florida, you can never start a serious business.
I love you both with all my heart, and you guys have been amazing parents. But when I grow up, I never want my child to think that even for a moment that their parents don’t love each other. Because it hurts, mom and dad. It hurts like hell.

Love your daughter,


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