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If you honestly asked me if I enjoy our relationship. I would say mostly no. You hurt my feelings all the time and I know your flirting with other girls/ You asked me out cuz you needed a date to homecoming. We’ve become really close though cuddling going to movies all those things. You tell me I should trust you but my friends all say you’re cheating. I hate your ex. Hate her so much. I hate how you flirt with her and tell you you love her. It hurts. I should be the only one you love right now. I know you still have feelings for her and it hurts that you do. I dont have the guts to break up with you. and I know you like that other girl and it hurts me how you tell her you love her and she’s beautiful. that should only be meant for me. You tell girls compliments that you should tell me. You tell me my boobs are small. It really hurts. You hurt me. You hurt my heart. I really just wanna tell you, its over. Good bye its fun while it lasted. I don’t even want to tell you I love you any more at this moment I really hate you. You hurt me like no one could. You hurt me in a delicate spot my heart.

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